😲Football Wheel of Misfortune!😲 Feat Ronaldo Messi Neymar Haaland Lewandowski +more (Frontmen 2.7)

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0:00 Intro
0:37 Messi
1:20 Werner
2:26 New Frontman 1
4:05 Lewandowski
4:39 Neymar
5:24 Suarez
6:13 Ronaldo
7:10 Muller
8:26 Haaland & Salah
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442oons was created by me... Dean Stobbart! I do the voices/scripts/ideas/directing/editing/characters blah blah blah ... and now I've got four animators doing all the hard work, the animation... (which is why the animation looks better)
Bravo Mike Myler, James Williams, Lauren Bagstaff and Karl Hargreaves (Karl does the art these days too).
Thanks for watching! Adios!
Runtime: 10:38


Sebi Andrei
Sebi Andrei - 10 timer siden
Pes Pleb
Pes Pleb - 13 timer siden
Did anyone see somehow Werner was back in the room during Lewy's turn? when he was supposed to be outside tryna score a goal
Mukhtar Abdi
Mukhtar Abdi - 17 timer siden
4:25 Oh... I pick Thomas Me?! I trust, you Thomas.
sandra valdez
sandra valdez - Dag siden
Hey ronaldo do you know that every one baw to messi because of his free kicks
Siya Aviation
Siya Aviation - Dag siden
Christano Ronaldo:Account suspended
Trump:First time?
Gabriel Ziegeler
Gabriel Ziegeler - Dag siden
Müller always the best😂
Johan C. Munch
Johan C. Munch - Dag siden
Im the 2000 comenter
AMEER ROCKZZ - Dag siden
8:02 Ronaldo nudes😂😂
Stan Marsh
Stan Marsh - Dag siden
COVID-19 8:37
Prasanta Pandit
Prasanta Pandit - Dag siden
Why was Wener back during Lewandowski's turn?
TylerRBXPlays - 2 dager siden
Aaron Seth_-
Aaron Seth_- - 2 dager siden
This was funny af but this made me laugh the most 8:28
Mr Penny
Mr Penny - 2 dager siden
What happened to no europa league players
William Pike
William Pike - 2 dager siden
6:44 poo
William Pike
William Pike - Dag siden
6:38 poo
George Markaryan
George Markaryan - 2 dager siden
gaming king
gaming king - 2 dager siden
Ronaldo and neymar will get a heart attack after watching this .
Juan Haya
Juan Haya - 3 dager siden
Yooo 8:15 I just can't with Neymar's Screams and Eyes, and Suarez's Faceee dudeeee
Coder 1
Coder 1 - 3 dager siden
1:16 how to get revenge
Football Lover
Football Lover - 3 dager siden
Funny Werner
Seanrobbo999 - 4 dager siden
BOLINGOLI has been added
Thicc_Doggos best girlfriend ever
This was the funniest frontmen video of all time
josh Kupfers
josh Kupfers - 4 dager siden
8:22 I'm pissing me self😂😂
Shahab Zuhair
Shahab Zuhair - 4 dager siden
The showcaster
The showcaster - 5 dager siden
Neymar is my fravrouite
Mnyt Jemal
Mnyt Jemal - 5 dager siden
Round messi
Rapskull Gaming
Rapskull Gaming - 5 dager siden
Werner beside salah 4:30
Alexandre Martins
Alexandre Martins - 6 dager siden
I love when Ronaldo says "What"
Joshua Bedford
Joshua Bedford - 6 dager siden
A.k.a dumb
Sce Jop
Sce Jop - 6 dager siden
you will notice that zlatan's hair is spinning too 2:27
Joshua Bedford
Joshua Bedford - 6 dager siden
Hamza Abdellatif
Hamza Abdellatif - 6 dager siden
Ronaldo be like: *DONALD TRUMP STYLE*
Zastrus - 6 dager siden
Some kits are red
Some kits are blue
But the best kit is
Leo I really miss you
Alejandro Sihuay
Alejandro Sihuay - 7 dager siden
Neymar flys instead of running
Mohammad aj
Mohammad aj - 7 dager siden
the funniest thing was when mohammad salah askesd neymar mom
Sam Sungg
Sam Sungg - 7 dager siden
Travis Leung
Travis Leung - 7 dager siden
4:24 Nobody:
Me: Why is Werner here shouldn’t he be missing goals?
Video Sahota
Video Sahota - 7 dager siden
Kevin's world
Kevin's world - 8 dager siden
I feel bad for neymar
Mystic_Flamez - 8 dager siden
lol lukaku and Zlatan just staring at each other 😂
sk 87
sk 87 - 8 dager siden
Muller phone :bulking up 😂
Isaac Gamez
Isaac Gamez - 8 dager siden
Omg this is so funny 😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂
Verizo gaming
Verizo gaming - 8 dager siden
8:32 Haalands spin must have landed on arrest
youssif kifarkis
youssif kifarkis - 9 dager siden
Legend says that ”Timo has still not scoored a goal”
Lemon - 4 dager siden
He did against Newcastle
ysr - 9 dager siden
This is the best channel i love it soo much 🥰🥰
R3D DR01D - 9 dager siden
I love this and my Favorite is Muller i love Neymar Reaction
Joe Foster
Joe Foster - 10 dager siden
Werners aged well 😂😂😂
TheK Squad
TheK Squad - 10 dager siden
4:34 why is timo werner behind salah?
Viperz On yt
Viperz On yt - 10 dager siden
2:56 coming in to stop my parents fighting 😂
Asir Gamer
Asir Gamer - 10 dager siden
ronaldo is funny
Jing Yang
Jing Yang - 10 dager siden
Too late
clibug - 10 dager siden
mo salah is very kind and would never do that :(
PES - 10 dager siden
Wait a minute, qn: HOW IS TIMO BACK IN THE ROOM?????!!
ITZSXPZ _ - 11 dager siden
Of course the cops came when it was Haaland’s turn
Emmanuel Yeboah
Emmanuel Yeboah - 11 dager siden
bro whyyy hahahahahahahahahaha
Techni crox
Techni crox - 11 dager siden
Frontmen at its best
HW Es - 11 dager siden
HW Es - 11 dager siden
achieng odera
achieng odera - 11 dager siden
Wow Cristiano that was terrible
Namae Trash
Namae Trash - 11 dager siden
Best ep uno
20 Lege_nd
20 Lege_nd - 11 dager siden
Time for Bruno to be in the Front Men
Dudsadee Saena
Dudsadee Saena - 12 dager siden
Its always so funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😅😅😅🤣😅😂🤣🤣😅😂🤣🤣😅😂😅
Juan Avalos
Juan Avalos - 12 dager siden
Lmao timo at the end 😂
Rawen Khalid
Rawen Khalid - 12 dager siden
Mohammed salah is not that bad he is muslim don't say that to him.
SINAN Kmp - 12 dager siden
This channel is always in support of messi and making too much fun about other players
Khushruz Ramazanov
Khushruz Ramazanov - 12 dager siden
Timo for phill jons
Stan Marsh
Stan Marsh - 12 dager siden
Simon Roth
Simon Roth - 13 dager siden
Thomas is definitely watching all of these
OxydePlayz - 13 dager siden
4:08 anyone else see Timo but yet he came from outside at the end?
Sanchit Behera
Sanchit Behera - 13 dager siden
Everyone : Run !!
Neymar : Fly !!
Diego Ceja
Diego Ceja - 13 dager siden
This episode funnyyyy😂😂
KSDDEMON - 14 dager siden
Never laughed so hard in my life 😂
Umm Probably No one
Umm Probably No one - 14 dager siden
Hands down the best frontmen video. Great job guys
Abdhaljr10 Abdhal
Abdhaljr10 Abdhal - 14 dager siden
Ronaldo is the best player on the planet
Ahmad Mustafa
Ahmad Mustafa - 14 dager siden
" I used to play for barcelona" we need a song for ronald koeman
Raisul Alam
Raisul Alam - 14 dager siden
Poem ❤️❤️
Just awesome
Ngaruiya Gakuru
Ngaruiya Gakuru - 14 dager siden
Saurabh Tiwari
Saurabh Tiwari - 15 dager siden
AGUEROOO Fanboy - 15 dager siden
The only bad thing about this hilarious video is that now I think of Ronaldo whenever I have to go take a poo lmao
Aman On CloudyNine
Aman On CloudyNine - 15 dager siden
"Who is it??"
"My Dad"
"That's a lot of people".
Astronaut Sabir
Astronaut Sabir - 15 dager siden
This episode is the best 😂😂😂😂
Eaglemediatips - 15 dager siden
Sullivan - 15 dager siden
No wonder timo Werner always “MISSIES” his lines
Even though he’s my favourite 442oons character
This Guy
This Guy - 15 dager siden
Müller man come on
Dhananjai Rao Rannore
Dhananjai Rao Rannore - 15 dager siden
A part 2 will be funn
Krypt1cGD - 16 dager siden
This was too good
Shazia Gd
Shazia Gd - 16 dager siden
Its so funny
Roberto Bulçaku
Roberto Bulçaku - 16 dager siden
1:18 lolll 🤣
Ariel Lliguin
Ariel Lliguin - 16 dager siden
4:24 how come timo Werner is back?
julia - 16 dager siden
oh look fight 😂
Greg Curtis
Greg Curtis - 16 dager siden
442oons Timo Werner isn’t actually so bad
mrhds - 16 dager siden
this kinda sus for football
Motu Ki Memes
Motu Ki Memes - 16 dager siden
we all know that dean wanted to name it wheel unfortunate but copyright is a bitch
lukiless - 16 dager siden
Hahahahahahahha😂😂 Ronaldo
Alex Berhane
Alex Berhane - 17 dager siden
Lorna Jane Mcdonald
Lorna Jane Mcdonald - 17 dager siden
The only thing I could say was the best thing ever for the vedo
soiung toiue
soiung toiue - 17 dager siden
8:21 High pitched demonic screem
Sachu !!
Sachu !! - 17 dager siden
5:17 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mateusz Domagała
Mateusz Domagała - 17 dager siden
Ronald is shit
soiung toiue
soiung toiue - 17 dager siden
ilsemangodt - 17 dager siden
4:38 youcan see timo werner
The Red Banana
The Red Banana - 17 dager siden
442oons you need to release the song "I used to play for barca starring ronald cowman and lionel messigician
TendedWinner748 - 17 dager siden
This video was good
Gave me a few laughs