🤣#18 - Every Premier League Manager Reacts!🤣

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Bravo Mike Myler, James Williams, Lauren Bagstaff and Karl Hargreaves (Karl does the art these days too).
Thanks for watching! Adios!
Runtime: 02:53


xuanbao Xb2103
xuanbao Xb2103 - 6 dager siden
carter hunt
carter hunt - 8 dager siden
2:11 when the first Nintendo direct in over a year was anounced
Luc Jeannerod
Luc Jeannerod - 21 dag siden
Tottenham played away to Sheffield Utd, why is José Mourinho standing at the spurs interview wall?
Dejan Celeski
Dejan Celeski - 23 dager siden
Why doesn’t 442oons ever include brighton
wildan vidio
wildan vidio - 24 dager siden
chege daniel
chege daniel - 25 dager siden
Bielsa always gets me 🤣
Eavy Eavy
Eavy Eavy - 26 dager siden
442oon react Last season: skip 2 weeks
Now: skip 9 weeks
Oz Merensky
Oz Merensky - 28 dager siden
Jose, Pep and Frank are genius managers, but, Frank sacked so not...
My favorite manager from 442oons is Jose Morinho. He has a funny voice...
Hungry Horse
Hungry Horse - 29 dager siden
Who else is watching this after lampard got sacked
Zastrus - 29 dager siden
I just escaped North Korea Please help me I am in Cirencester,UK
YT_Raggy.2020 - Måned siden
When Sean Dyche came on I was dying
Mireille Bassil
Mireille Bassil - Måned siden
jose and pep are right that last season stones and tanguy were bad but this season they are good
siya slang
siya slang - Måned siden
Your vid
football fan for life
football fan for life - Måned siden
442oons you got the score predictions right
Blob Potato
Blob Potato - Måned siden
The big bald fraud😂😂
Maad FT
Maad FT - Måned siden
Mourinho with pep
Únaín Browne
Únaín Browne - Måned siden
Liverpool vs Manchester United was more boring than staring at chicken cook in the oven for 30 minutes
Únaín Browne
Únaín Browne - Måned siden
@Abdurrahim Baradia Yup Glory Glory Man United! 😂🔴
Abdurrahim Baradia
Abdurrahim Baradia - Måned siden
Not today though
William Tønnesen
William Tønnesen - Måned siden
... than being a Sheffield fan
Ali gaming
Ali gaming - Måned siden
My respect for Arteta after what he said about Özil 📉📉📉📉📉📉
Shadow Slayer
Shadow Slayer - Måned siden
Fsg calling me any minute lololol😂😂
Ganeshan Iyer
Ganeshan Iyer - Måned siden
Frank Lampard 😂😂
TheFrankiemonkey - Måned siden
Great to see Big Fat Sam back!
Bailert - Måned siden
Can you make a nathaniel calvin clyne video
Ayush Apoorva
Ayush Apoorva - Måned siden
Here we go 😂
Chiko's Gaming Hub
Chiko's Gaming Hub - Måned siden
Arteta singing😂😂
Mitch Wade
Mitch Wade - Måned siden
Can you make a puyol character
yle Plush
yle Plush - Måned siden
I know David moist cousin
The Beat Up Family
The Beat Up Family - Måned siden
I am a Liverpool fan, YAY WERE GONNA WIN THE LEAGUE, Meanwhile 4th place in the prem 🥺😭😭😭🥺 from 😜 to 😭
s10.stormzz14 - Måned siden
Liverpool vs Man Utd was more boring than watching paint dry
E TV The Ultimate
E TV The Ultimate - Måned siden
Liverpool v Man U was more boring than watching paint dry.
Frankie 111
Frankie 111 - Måned siden
Cmon Man City gonna win the league
rak - Måned siden
when we saw Man City top. Dean had a big party until he sees the United game.
Daniel Wells
Daniel Wells - Måned siden
I like the face of David Moyes
Maazyaar Sinor
Maazyaar Sinor - Måned siden
You have to make a video on paul pogba's wonder goal 😂
Sanglap Chakraborty
Sanglap Chakraborty - Måned siden
Vitor Gabriel
Vitor Gabriel - Måned siden
I like how dean was so happy at the end because a prediction finally came through
Yuba BP
Yuba BP - Måned siden
Thank you from me Jesus Christ
dondrae welsh
dondrae welsh - Måned siden
Do face reveal
Fortnite and Fifa demos
Fortnite and Fifa demos - Måned siden
Hi it would be really appreciated if you subscribed
Jad Ghanem
Jad Ghanem - Måned siden
Wolves manager should get sacked
freddie cunningham
freddie cunningham - Måned siden
A virgin in the bedroom
champo vunda
champo vunda - Måned siden
Come on you Rams
Come on you Rams - Måned siden
As a Derby fan 1:05 stings
maxitz Yeah
maxitz Yeah - Måned siden
Roses are red violets are blue I liked my comment and I hope you will to
maxitz Yeah
maxitz Yeah - Måned siden
...reading 👍
Pietro Lippolis
Pietro Lippolis - Måned siden
PLS make Mario manzuxkitch first day at Ac Milan
Excitement Forces
Excitement Forces - Måned siden
Yo 442oons, I miss your videos where there was a song! I think we all do, too. Your videos are great but c'mon! songs please! Like if you agree!
ERDEM CORONA - Måned siden
carlos januario
carlos januario - Måned siden
Faiz do barcelona
Gameboyalawiiscool Alawi
Gameboyalawiiscool Alawi - Måned siden
Looks like 442oons still can't animate that good
Rayan Aayat Chowdhury
Rayan Aayat Chowdhury - Måned siden
Your money always pays off
TPS Toto
TPS Toto - Måned siden
Please do A-Z of Rooney since he retired.
Aratro - Måned siden
Inter -Juve parody?
Thomas Hall
Thomas Hall - Måned siden
Santiago Pizichini
Santiago Pizichini - Måned siden
Can someone tell me what Bruce says in this one? Have a hard time listening at what he's saying
Çağlar - Måned siden
What have you done to sean dyche's hair
AAnonymus Dude
AAnonymus Dude - Måned siden
When will the new frontmen video comes?I recommend Diss Tracks for frontmen. If anyone agrees pls leave a like
Patrizia Giannetto
Patrizia Giannetto - Måned siden
Tayyib Hussain
Tayyib Hussain - Måned siden
Deans stoned
Ashley Green
Ashley Green - Måned siden
Love it! 😅💋🐥
Filippo Guastalli
Filippo Guastalli - Måned siden
Inter juventus
Harry Kane
Harry Kane - Måned siden
Please make a day in the life of John Terry at a nightclub xd
Dhruv Gupta
Dhruv Gupta - Måned siden
Hey has any one realized the membership option is removed
Amy holt
Amy holt - Måned siden
Wilder sacked
Rampagers yt
Rampagers yt - Måned siden
Your_avrage_idiot - Måned siden
Lqbtq lives matter 🏳️‍🌈😎
︎︎ⓘ false information has been detected
Prince Bista
Prince Bista - Måned siden
Top of the league video coming soon
Alexander WALRAVEN
Alexander WALRAVEN - Måned siden
Plz make something about Mesut Özil’s first day at Fenerbahçe u have never done anything about Fenerbahçe.
Joseph Njau
Joseph Njau - Måned siden
The transformation of timo werner into a no league footballer is on a league of jesus giving that leper leprosy 😂😂😂😂
Charx C:
Charx C: - Måned siden
Charx C:
Charx C: - Måned siden
Charx C:
Charx C: - Måned siden
Charx C:
Charx C: - Måned siden
Charx C:
Charx C: - Måned siden
Charx C:
Charx C: - Måned siden
Charx C:
Charx C: - Måned siden
Charx C:
Charx C: - Måned siden
Charx C:
Charx C: - Måned siden
Charx C:
Charx C: - Måned siden
Charx C:
Charx C: - Måned siden
Charx C:
Charx C: - Måned siden
Charx C:
Charx C: - Måned siden
Charx C:
Charx C: - Måned siden
abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali - Måned siden
Hey Dean
Fiona Russell
Fiona Russell - Måned siden
Man utd liverpool was more boring than formula1 racing
ISHY YT - Måned siden
Plz make a Video of Ozil going to fenerbahce
maqubool alam
maqubool alam - Måned siden
ole looked cute in the thumbnail
GHØST - Måned siden
You should do that with Bundesliga to 🥺🙏
Manuel Fernandes
Manuel Fernandes - Måned siden
Liverpool vs Manchester united was more boring than my live history lecture that I am listening right now
Kevin Joy Thomas
Kevin Joy Thomas - Måned siden
Please do this every week
Omar The Galaxy
Omar The Galaxy - Måned siden
Is sam dyche dye his beard and hain blue. (I like blue and red)
mv isking9
mv isking9 - Måned siden
Man United vs Liverpool was more boring than Sheffield United this season
Mason Snelgrove
Mason Snelgrove - Måned siden
God this is not fair man united should of won huh
Samuel Penz
Samuel Penz - Måned siden
please make czech republic translator
Leon B-Hong
Leon B-Hong - Måned siden
Please make a video on Mauricio Pochettino first trophy as a manager (PSG French Super Cup).
Faathir Muhammad
Faathir Muhammad - Måned siden
I hope #UnbelievablepartII would be happen, and It's more beautiful if we won treble with FA Cup and UEL (as we complete our trophies collection), Amen!👐🙏👐🙏
Shotin Thoudm
Shotin Thoudm - Måned siden
The big bald fraud 😂 well that was disrespectful
Packdowski - Måned siden
Day 1 of asking: Q&A with Timo Werner
Vilebino Suokhrie
Vilebino Suokhrie - Måned siden
The imposter is a bit more about this is a bit more about the imposter is a bit more about the imposter is a bit more about the imposter is a bit more about the imposter is a bit more about the imposter is a bit more about the imposter is