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The ridiculous world of football - animated!
Songs, skits, sketches and general silliness...

Ali Erdinç
Ali Erdinç - 8 timer siden
Reece Kerrick
Reece Kerrick - 8 timer siden
I love the inbetweeners references lately 😂
Benjamin Taylor
Benjamin Taylor - 8 timer siden
Do one about Everton winning against Liverpool
abecadlonalebmispadlo - 8 timer siden
DELE Ali 👌
Da Slayr
Da Slayr - 8 timer siden
Schweinsteigeritist literally one of the best jokes ever
Epixcz_Bob - 8 timer siden
Omg the inbetweeners
Sebastian Ciura
Sebastian Ciura - 8 timer siden
That bicycle kick timo werner scored is probably his first goal for Chelsea
Clever Knees EM
Clever Knees EM - 8 timer siden
Ahhh the golden times I swear i wanna cry 😭
Ben Simmonds
Ben Simmonds - 8 timer siden
Oooooooo, comment frieeendddsssss
Selma Svensson
Selma Svensson - 8 timer siden
As a swede, i feel offended that u called ur national team shit😐✌️
FilleGille - 8 timer siden
all the chelsea fans cough cough me: what about girouds bicycle kick
Jesse Van Beek
Jesse Van Beek - 8 timer siden
Me actually getting where i voted for as the video
MyStiC IcyZ
MyStiC IcyZ - 8 timer siden
U know it’s a good video when it’s goggle in the box
Mohul Vidyasagar Ghosh Biswas
Mohul Vidyasagar Ghosh Biswas - 8 timer siden
This video is more successful than Tottenham
Noah 1zzy
Noah 1zzy - 8 timer siden
All after giruid
SoNo - 8 timer siden
Dele's moustache is giving him powers
Da Gaming Guru
Da Gaming Guru - 8 timer siden
Manscaped is the new Raid Shadow Legends
Crazy Yoshi and Slippy bros
Crazy Yoshi and Slippy bros - 8 timer siden
Who thought goggle in the box was dead
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss - 8 timer siden
Imagine if they actually do this in the changing rooms😂😂
Helina Fikru
Helina Fikru - 9 timer siden
Kane - “When did u come back from loan at PSG? ”
MrJasper24 :/
MrJasper24 :/ - 9 timer siden
Kepa: Amateurs....
I’m moder
I’m moder - 9 timer siden
When you realise 'my money is on man city' is now pretty realistic
7k Clapz
7k Clapz - 9 timer siden
Someone’s binge watching in betweeners
Randolph Peresso
Randolph Peresso - 9 timer siden
mulu tesfay
mulu tesfay - 9 timer siden
can you make a the backmen like vvd sergio ramos koulibaly so you can call them the defenders and even the one for the coaches like coach fc when they have meeting and brag about there players or trophies or to challenges like who wins this trophy who wins that or who is the better coach or even show there hate for each ither or complaining about other coaches and players from moab a 7 year 442oons watcher and subscriber
doruk ışık
doruk ışık - 9 timer siden
What is original song
Yellow - 9 timer siden
What's "goggle in the box"?
PES 2021 MOBILE - 9 timer siden
Bren Lad
Bren Lad - 9 timer siden
This video really did not age well at all RIP José Becker 🙏 YNWA Alisson 🔴⚪🔴⚪🔴
SML Drama
SML Drama - 9 timer siden
1:05 that aged well
Gurshan Brar
Gurshan Brar - 9 timer siden
It’s back finally Goggle in the box
Nimrod Dondo
Nimrod Dondo - 9 timer siden
Why don't the players attempt Messi's incredible goal when he passed I think between 3,4 or 5 defender's
Cai Williams
Cai Williams - 9 timer siden
Lmao I will treasure this quote forever ‘Unbelievaballs’
Daniel Noah
Daniel Noah - 9 timer siden
Zlantan and Ronaldo bicycle kicks where the best of all time♥️
Amal Dev
Amal Dev - 9 timer siden
Hey Dean, what happened to mourinhos Voice 😂
the e
the e - 9 timer siden
Gareth and harry taking notes
Daniel Noah
Daniel Noah - 9 timer siden
Ronaldo and Giroud Lol
Vahe Poghosyan
Vahe Poghosyan - 9 timer siden
C'mon Jurgen, don't cry. Guess who's back? DIOGO JOTAAAA!!!!!!!
Rick Astley
Rick Astley - 9 timer siden
man scaped his own balls
Mir egal
Mir egal - 9 timer siden
who cares about the Europa League
Jj Olijede
Jj Olijede - 9 timer siden
SX5 - 9 timer siden
Dean never seems to give Liverpool a break gotta feel sorry for em
GO GG - 9 timer siden
What the hell happened to the voice of Bruno Fernandes @442oons
Vito Mbah
Vito Mbah - 9 timer siden
Dele Ali is the next goat
Prabij Shrestha
Prabij Shrestha - 9 timer siden
Everybody can score with bicycle kick if they try but no one can score with karate kick like Zlatan used to do.
Hamsa Bashiir
Hamsa Bashiir - 9 timer siden
442oons are best love your content
Ibrahim Khilji
Ibrahim Khilji - 9 timer siden
Freddie Bottjer
Freddie Bottjer - 9 timer siden
Love the new use of David moyes 😂
KiLL _LeviXD
KiLL _LeviXD - 9 timer siden
What is wrong with premier league players scoring bicycle kicks??????
Aarav Reddy
Aarav Reddy - 9 timer siden
Ronaldo is Real Alli
Andrian Banaru
Andrian Banaru - 9 timer siden
4:12 Man United fan
K#jake1st - 9 timer siden
Caio ;-;
Caio ;-; - 9 timer siden
Havertz OMG
Charles Khalaf
Charles Khalaf - 9 timer siden
Who is the woman in barcas squad
ShadowTheGP - 9 timer siden
Those eyes from Haaland when he was talking about Wolfsburg tho 😂😂😂
Apurbo Baidya
Apurbo Baidya - 9 timer siden
Nihar Gawand
Nihar Gawand - 9 timer siden
Bruno got a voice change?
Satyam Agnihotri
Satyam Agnihotri - 9 timer siden
I wish they see your videos specially neymar and cr7 that would be fun 🤣🤣
مهندعبدالله الدوسري
مهندعبدالله الدوسري - 9 timer siden
i love you 442oons❤️
William Adamson
William Adamson - 9 timer siden
Friend football, friend
Elliot Evertsson Norrevik
Elliot Evertsson Norrevik - 9 timer siden
Why are you so gay
sdwdszx - 9 timer siden
Well i mean what else were you expecting?
Μιχάλης Γ
Μιχάλης Γ - 9 timer siden
He is going to win Giroud!!!😂😂😂
X - 9 timer siden
Let’s take a minute to notice Dean drew wolfsberger players
Elliot Evertsson Norrevik
Elliot Evertsson Norrevik - 9 timer siden
Much balls
The Lucky one
The Lucky one - 9 timer siden
The Different between WOLFSBURG (from Germany) and the Wolfsberg From Austria is the Burg which means Castel ind English Your Welcom
Illia Kharlamov
Illia Kharlamov - 9 timer siden
How can anyone be the shit Jesse Lingard? It's basically saying someone is shittier than shit
Salah LFCFan#JotaHaalandSalah
Salah LFCFan#JotaHaalandSalah - 9 timer siden
Dele and Bale have to start for Spurs I am sorry
rezi pro
rezi pro - 9 timer siden
Ok weher real madrid 1-0 atalanta????
František Hájek
František Hájek - 9 timer siden
Werner:*has 10 goals all season, most G/A out of Chelsea* 442oons: *still constantly laughs at him and acts like he can't score*
Mandisi Linda
Mandisi Linda - 9 timer siden
Timo and Haaland are the best things on 442onns sometimes😂+Muller
Levi Pillay
Levi Pillay - 9 timer siden
Number 1
panditaGamerxady - 9 timer siden
Sebi Andrei
Sebi Andrei - 9 timer siden
Elger Reyes
Elger Reyes - 9 timer siden
Seriously tho I thought haaland would of got his video for awesome volly
Luigi De Martino
Luigi De Martino - 9 timer siden
Luigi De Martino
Luigi De Martino - 9 timer siden
Why Me
Why Me - 9 timer siden
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Lionel Messigician
Lionel Messigician - 9 timer siden
1:20 how giroud is running fast? 😳
The FatChip
The FatChip - 9 timer siden
Imagine if another player scored a bicycle kick